How to decide who is in charge in Venezuela?

This is an overview of the different types of government in Venezuela, and how to choose the right person for your organisation.What is a government?The country is governed by the National Assembly, which is the body that represents the country’s people.This body is made up of elected representatives of the country, who are elected by the population.The legislature consists of […]

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How to protect yourself from government overreach

By now, most of you are aware that the United States is embroiled in an increasingly bitter political debate over the future of its healthcare system.As the most populous nation in the world, the US has become increasingly dependent on the European Union and the rest of the world for its healthcare, as well as for a large portion of […]

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How to take down an

that calls you a neo-Nazi?article article I was on the receiving end of a tweet about the “hate speech” that I had published on the website of a Greek government official.I had written that I believed that Greece should be a “European state” and that it should join the European Union.That article was taken down by a Twitter account that […]

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