Which government debt is the worst in the U.S.?

Puerto Rico’s government debt ballooned to $2.2 trillion in the third quarter, and the U and Puerto Rican governments are grappling with mounting financial strains.But the island’s problems have been exacerbated by a new law requiring banks to hold more than $1.6 trillion of debt.The new law has also hurt Puerto Rican businesses, which are increasingly dependent on the mainland. The […]

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How to use Hacker News to dig up job vacancies

Hacker News is one of the best places to find jobs, but finding a good one can be hard.To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 open positions for job seekers to apply for.We also list the best way to get a job, and some of the ways you can start to make a career in technology.Read on […]

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