How to make sure you’re not a government job loser in Maine

We’re talking about the state government here, and it’s one of the few where the federal government does not directly control the workforce.That’s because, in theory, federal employees are entitled to a percentage of the salaries of state employees, but the federal salary cap doesn’t apply to state employees.This is because the federal law doesn’t cover any state employee who […]

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When is the federal stimulus spending? | Fox News’ John Roberts and Ed O’Keefe report

Government stimulus spending is on the way.And the administration is trying to sell it as the biggest in the history of the federal government.But it is a little more than that, and it depends on the details.The stimulus is a huge amount of money, a trillion dollars in total, according to the Congressional Budget Office.It is being spent in a […]

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A new tool lets you save and share photos of yourself and your family with friends

Posted September 21, 2018 08:14:00 A new photo-sharing app is designed to save and archive your favorite photos.Photo.Save lets you share a photo to a group of people, then click on the photo you want to save.You can choose whether to save to your own camera roll, your friends’ camera roll or to the local cloud storage of your chosen […]

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