How to find the best government jobs for your state

Gov.Andrew Cuomo is scheduled to sign a bill into law this weekend that will create an independent commission to study the state’s finances and reform the way the state conducts its finances.The legislation is expected to create a commission that will include three members from the private sector and two from the public sector.The nonpartisan commission would include representatives from […]

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Michigan Gov. Dan Malloy, D-Detroit, says the state won’t hire more than 20,000 workers in 2021

Detroit, MI – Michigan Gov Dan Malloys decision to reject the proposed $1.2 billion investment in the state’s aging infrastructure is hurting the state economy, and he is pushing back against the backlash, according to a report from Next Big Progress.Gov.Malloy’s decision to refuse the state budget request for a $1 billion investment to repair and replace aging rail and […]

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