How Obama’s centralizing of government jobs has put the American economy at risk

The U.S. economy is in a “post-fact era,” with the government “in charge” of every aspect of life, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday, saying the government needs to be held accountable for its actions.The administration is using its powers to centralize more and more control over everything, he said in a speech to Congress.Obama said that a “centralized federal […]

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How the U.S. government uses its drones

The U.N. Security Council has banned all U.K. drones in Syria.The U,S., U.A.E. and France also blocked use of their armed drones in the country.But a U.B.C. government scientist says it is a good sign that Britain and other Western powers are working on a deal to bring down Britain’s military-led air campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and […]

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