How to get a job,and the job seeker should know

How do you get a government job?In order to secure a government position, you must pass a series of tests and be approved by the government.The test is simple: get a letter from the government confirming you are qualified and eligible.The government’s test is usually administered via email.But, in the case of the California government, it also involves having your […]

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Free government phone: What you need to know about the US Supreme Court ruling

The US Supreme court has ruled that Americans can legally use their government phone to call their elected officials and other federal employees without a government-issued warrant, according to the Associated Press.The decision by the conservative justices, in an opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, could have huge ramifications for the way Americans communicate with their federal government, which is dominated […]

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What to know about government checks and balances in Greece

On April 11, Greece will be under a new set of checks and balancing requirements.As a result, the government will no longer be able to shut down the country’s economy or force people out of work.The changes will take effect immediately.Here’s a look at what you need to know:What are the changes?The rules are fairly straightforward:The government will have a […]

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