Which smartphone does your local government camp have? This post will be updated daily

Free government smartphones are the latest trend in the smartphone market.There are over 200 of these devices available and you can find some fantastic deals on the internet.Here are our picks for the best government camps in the country.1.Cancun Free Government Camp – Camp Cancún, MexicoThe Cancuan Free Government camp is located in Mexico City, the capital of the country […]

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How to apply for a student government position at Orange County?

The Orange County Student Government Association, or OCSEGA, announced Monday that it is looking for an administrator to manage student government for the Orange County School District.The OCSEG is the governing body for OCUSD’s student government.The job is not necessarily in the OCSEAGA’s jurisdiction.Instead, it’s a position that is being created through the OCUSD Student Government Administration.OCSEA president and CEO […]

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How to help North Korea’s impoverished government fund its economic woes

The North Korean government has a budget of nearly US$1.7 billion (1.8 billion euros), according to the most recent official statistics released by the country’s Central Committee.North Korea’s economy is still struggling with the effects of a severe drought and a severe food shortage.The country’s foreign exchange reserves fell to $9 billion in April, down from $16 billion in March, […]

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