When you are a US government employee, there are a lot of restrictions

As the United States becomes a republic, it’s going to have to face a number of issues.For the first time in a long time, we’re going to be governed by the same government that governs us.We’re going be governed as Americans, but we’re also going to need to deal with a number other things.We’ll have to deal more with security.We […]

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What’s at stake in Russia’s presidential election?

Russia’s parliamentary election in June is the first in a new presidential election system that will be contested from October 2018.The next presidential election will take place in December 2019.The winner of that will then become the next president of the republic.The political system that Russia has adopted will be based on a three-phase election.Each phase will be run through […]

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How Cuba’s government is using the internet to censor its citizens

SAN FRANCISCO — The island nation of Cuba is a closed society.But the government’s crackdown on social media and the Internet has become increasingly sophisticated, and the results are a torrent of censors’ accounts.The government is also using Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media to censor citizens and spread misinformation, according to people familiar with the situation.The crackdown, which […]

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