Which smartphone does your local government camp have? This post will be updated daily

Free government smartphones are the latest trend in the smartphone market.There are over 200 of these devices available and you can find some fantastic deals on the internet.Here are our picks for the best government camps in the country.1.Cancun Free Government Camp – Camp Cancún, MexicoThe Cancuan Free Government camp is located in Mexico City, the capital of the country […]

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How to get a free government smartphone in a country that’s no longer free

A free government phone could be a great way to get around in countries where you still have to pay for your mobile phone bill.You might find yourself at home with a $150,000 smartphone that’s just about perfect for your needs.Here’s how to get one in a few places.1.Thailand (thailand) In Thailand, where people still have their old-fashioned cellphones, you’ll be […]

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