When is the last time you used a federal agency? – Answers

A federal government shutdown is about to get a lot more serious.The last time the US had a shutdown, it was in 2009, when the government shut down because of the pandemic.The shutdown lasted four days and the government was closed for three weeks.The last shutdown, however, was less than a year ago when the US government shuttered due to […]

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A new government, forms of government definition

On Wednesday, Israel will elect its new government.The country’s next government will be formed with a total of 12 seats.The first election in nearly two decades will be held on April 11.The elections will be televised, and voters will cast ballots on the first day of the new year.The results of the elections will not be released publicly until late […]

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How Israeli security forces ‘accidentally’ found an ufo

An Israeli security force accidentally found an unidentified object near a Palestinian family’s home in the occupied West Bank last week, according to a senior official.The incident happened last Wednesday, after the family had moved into the house, the official said.An Israeli military vehicle spotted the object and alerted the police, who found it and took it to the Israeli […]

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