A new report has shown the need for more foreign aid from the UK, with a shortage of government workers in New Zealand in particular.

Key points:There are about 5,000 British citizens in New Zealand over age 60 and many of them are working for the government There are some 5,500 government staff working in New York StateNew Zealand has seen its population increase by nearly one million since 2000 and has become the most expensive foreign investment destination in the worldSource: The New Zealand Herald, 8 March 2018Source: BBC News – All rights reservedThe report, released today by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIIG), also found that New Zealand was the most likely destination for UK taxpayers to make foreign aid payments in the next 10 years.

The report found that the UK has an overseas-born population of about 5.4 million people.

New Zealand is home to about 4.8 million people, with about one in four people in the country over the age of 50 working for New Zealand.

The government says the figures were a result of an ongoing review of its overseas workforce, with the report finding that a significant number of UK citizens had been employed in New Japan, and it also said the UK had around 5,400 British citizens working in the UK.

The report also said New Zealand had seen its overseas-bound population grow by about one million people since 2000.

The number of British nationals working in Japan has grown by almost three million since 2010, with an estimated 1.4m people working in that country, the report found.

However, it also noted that New York has been the most recent New Zealand destination for British taxpayers to receive foreign aid, and New Zealand has also been the UK’s most expensive overseas investment destination for the next decade.

It also said that New Zealands total foreign aid spending in 2020 is estimated at $11.4 billion, more than any other foreign aid recipient.

However, there were more than three million Kiwis in the labour force in New England, the most populous state in the union, the CIIG report found, which is about one third of the population.

According to the New Zealand Government, around 1.5 million Kiwi jobs are in New South Wales, the second-most populous state.

In New Zealand, the number of foreign residents working in other countries has been increasing over the last decade, with New Zealand’s population increasing by more than six million people from 1.6 million in 2010 to 1.8m in 2020.

New Zealanders were the second most foreign-born people in New Europe in 2020, behind Germany, with more than a million people working overseas.

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