The Danish government has a new meme and it has caught the attention of some people who don’t understand how it is possible.

The hashtag #FjordenDenmark was trending in several places on Twitter on Monday.

The hashtag has also been trending on Facebook.

One tweet read: “If the Danish government’s new meme is that they’re not interested in the work of the Danish people, what’s the use of having them in the first place?”

Another tweet read, “That’s why we need the Danish People.”

One commenter replied: “I can’t believe that Denmark isn’t involved in this.

Why is the Danish Government not even involved?”

Others suggested that it was the prime minister himself who should have been involved in the meme:”This is the Prime Minister of Denmark.

He should be on the frontlines and doing the work,” said one.

Another said: “This is exactly what the Danish PM is supposed to be doing.

This is a good meme.

We need the Prime minister to make sure it spreads.”

The hashtag is not a new one, but the image of a smiling Danish woman on a horse riding in a field was trending on Twitter after the Prime Minster tweeted it.

However, the meme has been trending for weeks.

The image has also made the rounds on various other social media platforms including Reddit, where it has been viewed nearly a million times.

The image, posted by a user named freddish, has also spawned dozens of variations on the image, such as “the Danish woman”, which has been posted more than 1.4 million times and “the Prime Minister”, which gained more than 6,000 likes.

The Prime Minister’s Twitter handle is @freddish.

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