A California state governor is proposing a plan to hire more than 5,500 new jobs at California’s largest corporations, in a bid to improve the state’s economy.


Gavin Newsom announced the plan Thursday at the California Business and Industry Conference in Sacramento, saying the new jobs will help create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the state.

The plan includes a proposal to hire up to 50,000 new jobs, said Newsom, who is also a member of the governors executive committee.

He said the initiative would also be used to recruit new employees, as well as to recruit and train local companies and to train new workers in California.

State officials say they hope the job-creating plan will spur job growth in the Golden State and attract more investment in the region.

Newsom’s plan calls for a 10 percent wage increase for workers in all sectors, and for higher minimum wages for public workers and private sector workers.

The governor said the plan would also allow companies to create and recruit more jobs.

Newsoms proposal comes as the governor seeks to increase spending to combat the state budget crisis.

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