A federal government shutdown is about to get a lot more serious.

The last time the US had a shutdown, it was in 2009, when the government shut down because of the pandemic.

The shutdown lasted four days and the government was closed for three weeks.

The last shutdown, however, was less than a year ago when the US government shuttered due to the pandemics response to the virus.

In the latest shutdown, there are two branches of the government and one branch of the state.

One branch of state has control over federal agencies, while the other has control of state agencies.

If the US gets to the point where it has to use federal agencies for its own purposes, then we are talking about a very serious situation.

The shutdown is likely to get worse.

While the US may not have a shutdown for a while, there is no guarantee that the shutdown won’t get worse because of sequestration.

There are three main factors that could cause a shutdown.

First, there could be a disruption in the way federal agencies are funded.

Second, there may be an increase in the number of people working at federal agencies.

The number of federal workers at the federal level is set to increase by about 7.4 million people this year.

And third, the shutdown could be triggered by a pandemic or natural disaster.

President Barack Obama said in January that he would take the US out of sequestrate, a budget-cutting measure that the US Congress had agreed to.

Under sequestration, federal spending will be reduced for three months every two years.

The US is already one of the few countries that doesn’t have a budget shutdown.

But because sequestration cuts the amount of money the US spends each year, it has already caused a budget deficit for the next three years.

The US will need to borrow money to keep the country afloat during these years.

If it does not, then there is a risk that the country will run out of money to pay for its public services.

The federal government has already run into some trouble when it comes to its ability to pay bills.

In January, Congress passed a law that prevents the US from using taxpayer funds to pay interest on debt.

That means the US will be unable to borrow the money it needs to pay its bills, such as interest on the national debt.

If the government were to have to rely on its own money for these sorts of payments, it could run out.

And that could make it harder for the US to pay off its debts.

It is not yet clear how long the shutdown will last.

But it is likely that the government will be closed for at least several days, as sequestration will keep the federal government funded through the end of the year.

And some people are already thinking about getting out of the country.

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