QUORUM VOTE IN INDIANA FOR ENDING THE QUORAM FOR GOVERNMENT, the Senate voted 46-43 Wednesday to repeal the quorum requirement for government business.

The measure now heads to the House, where the House has yet to vote.

The measure, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who was in a car in the Senate chamber, would end the requirement that members of the executive branch have a quorum to conduct government business, which has been a source of friction between the House and the Senate for years.

The bill passed both chambers in June, but only after a filibuster by GOP Sen. Roy Blunt.

It has been widely criticized by Republicans as a way to undermine the legislative branch.

Blunt said it was unconstitutional and he wanted to end the quorums as soon as possible.

The bill has the support of Democrats, but not enough to overcome the Republican filibuster, which is not uncommon.

The Republican-led Senate, which also includes the chamber where the vote took place, is expected to vote on the measure this week.

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