A little over a year ago, ESPN launched its new streaming service for the NBA.

The new service, dubbed ESPN2, is currently available in a handful of countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

The service is a bit pricey at $40 per month, but if you can get it, it’s one of the most powerful streaming options available for sports fans around the globe.

But how does ESPN2 actually work?

You can watch it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Here’s how to get started with ESPN2.1.

Get ESPN2 and start watching games on your computer or smartphone This is the simplest way to watch games.

First, open ESPN2 on your laptop or desktop computer or tablet.

From the menu, select Start Watching Games.

The screen will automatically scroll through the NBA games you’re interested in.

You can now watch the games with the default settings and settings, or you can switch to a custom setting by tapping the “Customize” button on the top right.

You’ll be asked to enter your ESPN password.2.

Set the app to “default” settings If you’re watching games in a specific country, you’ll need to change the default app settings on your phone or tablet to “Default.”

This will bring up a list of options for each country.

Tap on “Default Settings” and you’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to change “default app settings” to “Custom settings.”3.

Create a custom settings profile For each country, there are several different ways you can customize your settings.

First up, you can create a custom profile to create your own settings.

This will create an array of settings that can be used to customize your experience on the app.

To do this, click the “Create Profile” button, select your profile, and then “Add settings.”4.

Choose a different app The next step is to choose a different type of app to watch NBA games on.

You could select a different device, like a smartphone, tablet or computer, or choose a particular streaming service.

There are a number of different options available in the ESPN2 settings page.

Once you have your settings selected, you need to select a specific streamer to use in your favorite app.

If you don’t know the name of the streamer you want, you could use the app name search feature to search for the streamers you want.

Once that’s done, select the stream you want from the drop-down list.5.

Set a custom play button in the app After you’ve selected a streamer, you have to choose your favorite streamer and click “Play.”

You can change the play speed and other settings in the settings menu.6.

Watch the game You can use the streaming apps to watch game highlights and highlight video, or even watch live video.

The game will appear on your TV screen and you can adjust the brightness of the screen.7.

Watch from your phone You can set up a remote for the game, or watch the game from your desktop.8.

Watch NBA Playoffs online If you want access to the NBA Playoffs on a smartphone or tablet, you’re going to need to download and install the ESPN app.

You don’t need to pay for the app if you’re already subscribed to ESPN or if you already have the NBA app on your device.

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