A U.N. official confirmed Thursday that the U.K. has confirmed that its own species is an alien race, in the latest sign of the international community’s growing concern over the growing number of sightings of extraterrestrials.

“The U.k. confirmed on Friday that it is the first country in the world to have confirmed that there are extraterrestial beings in the form of humanoid aliens,” U. N. Ambassador Stephen O’Brien said during a speech in Geneva.

The announcement comes just days after Britain and Australia, two other countries with confirmed alien sightings, confirmed their own species as well.

The countries are both members of the International Telecommunication Union, an international body that has been at the forefront of the debate over alien encounters.

O’Brien, who also heads the U, N. and I.T.O.S., a nonprofit group that seeks to understand alien life, said the confirmation that the aliens are humanoid was a “major blow” to the U., N.A.S.’s “strategy of trying to keep the public in the dark.”

O’BRIEN: We are now the first nation in the history of the world that has confirmed its own human being to be an alien.

Now, it is a major blow to our strategy of trying the public to keep us in the Dark.

The people of this world must not tolerate alien contact, especially with the most advanced civilizations in the universe.

But we must also be open to the idea that aliens have some of these capabilities.

I think we have a responsibility to be able to say that.

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