The Orange County Student Government Association, or OCSEGA, announced Monday that it is looking for an administrator to manage student government for the Orange County School District.

The OCSEG is the governing body for OCUSD’s student government.

The job is not necessarily in the OCSEAGA’s jurisdiction.

Instead, it’s a position that is being created through the OCUSD Student Government Administration.

OCSEA president and CEO Jason Schilling said that the new position will be a part-time position that requires no student or parent to pay for the privilege.

The organization has made no announcement yet as to when the position will become available for hiring.

Schilling told the Orange Register that he hopes to have the position filled within the next few weeks.

He said that while it’s not a full-time job, he hopes it can become an opportunity to help OCUSD students fulfill their potential.

Schill said that he thinks the position is the perfect fit for OCSEGs efforts to expand their reach to students and to help students achieve their goals.

He added that OCSEs goal is to “be a model for all the rest of the state of California.”

Schilling added that the OCSEA is looking to recruit students who have experience working in student government, including those who have been in student governments for several years.OCSEGA has held two board meetings in the last two months and has held four community meetings, Schilling told The Register.

He added that they’re working to organize community meetings for students, faculty, administrators, and students themselves.

The position requires no previous student government experience, Schill said.

Schilling noted that OCSEA has already seen some of its students and faculty take part in several community events.

Schills said that OCSO has already been contacted by OCUSD to offer its services.

Schiller said that they’ll have to do some fundraising to cover their expenses.

He also said that if the position becomes available, the organization will have to find an external vendor to handle all the administrative costs.

Schiliers hopes that the position offers OCUSD more opportunities to be successful in the future, but said that there’s a lot that needs to be done to improve the student experience.

Schils organization said that students who apply will be asked to provide their social media profile, personal information, and work history.

Schilings stated that the application process is not open to students who do not live in the district, but that it’s open to those who live within the district.

He noted that this does not apply to OCUSD student leaders.

The university, which has more than 1,300 students, is located in Orange County, California, and Schilling’s organization has grown significantly since the OCSGA was formed in 2015.

In the past few years, OCUSD has grown its student population from approximately 500 students in 2014 to more than 2,300 this past year.

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