A former police officer and a woman who lost their home in a fire in rural Ontario has filed for an auction of her home, saying she wants to keep it a symbol of her hometown.

Carolyn Aitken has been living in her garage for the past decade.

She said her home was destroyed in a wildfire in 2010.

“I don’t want to live in a house that I’ve never been to, never lived in, never had a conversation about, never even heard of,” she said.

Her house sits in the middle of a subdivision, a place that she said is not a typical suburb.

It’s in a good part of town.

I don’t know if people know that,” she told CBC News.

Aitken, who was a reserve officer, said her family had lived in the area for more than 100 years.

She said she wanted to help her neighbors and the community to find a new home.”

We need to make a new place for our family, and I think this is the best place we can do that,” Aitke said. 

The house was sold by the municipality for $3,950,000.

The seller said it’s in good shape and is a good value.

The sale comes as the Ontario government auctioned off about 10,000 cars and homes in a bid to help fund its wildfire relief program.

Firefighters from several agencies worked to battle the flames, including police and firefighters from the provincial government and the Canadian Armed Forces.

More than 30 homes in the community were damaged or destroyed in the wildfire.

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