A flood in northern B.L.C., which caused the closure of the B.A.M.S. highway, has forced the closure for several days in the province, but officials say it won’t impact public transportation.

B.C.’s transportation minister said Friday that the province will resume normal operations, although many people will have to leave work, school and other services for the day.

Brig. Gen. Bruce McLean said in a statement that the closure is expected to be lifted in early Wednesday morning.

The road was shut down after heavy rains caused mudslides and damaged bridges.

It has been reopened but traffic is not expected to return to normal until the end of the week.

Brampton Mayor Mike McCormack said Friday the city was still trying to work out the best way to get people back to work and the city has a backlog of buses and rail vehicles, but said there was no immediate disruption to the city.

McLean said B.P.C.-based Dominion had also cancelled its B.M.”s Highway 1 project in the Lower Mainland, where the city of Nanaimo is located, for a few days.”

We are very disappointed to learn about the closure,” he said in an email.

McLaren also said the city would reopen the city’s downtown core.”

As of this morning, all traffic will be rerouted to the major thoroughfares in downtown Vancouver,” he wrote.

McMcLean noted that the city had been on a road closure for about a week and blamed the shutdown on the heavy rains that hit B.B.”s interior region.”

There are many roads closed because of heavy rainfall in B., including highways, bridges and railways,” he told CBC News in an e-mail.

“I’m aware of the concerns from a number of residents who are impacted.

The City of Nanamoke has been working to manage the closure to minimize disruption to residents and businesses, as well as to assist affected residents and business owners with transportation needs.”

B.A.”s minister of transportation, Dan Anderson, said in the same statement that B.S., New Brunswick and Quebec are also affected.”

Unfortunately, the closure in Bancroft and the closure along Highway 1 in Nanaimon are not directly related to the heavy rainfall,” he added.

Anderson said the province has been monitoring the weather and has the highest levels of flooding and mudslide risks in the country.

Bancrofts flood damage on highway in Nanawanc… http://t.co/b7tZ5q6WvHpic.twitter.com/7t9yVvW6vb — CBC News (@cbcnews) June 30, 2021The minister also said he was “appalled” by the deaths of three people in the Bancrotts floodwaters, saying it is a tragedy to see a family get hit by the flooding.”

Anderson added that the Banches flood is not the only cause of flooding in Bakersfield.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who lost their lives.”

Anderson added that the Banches flood is not the only cause of flooding in Bakersfield.

The provincial government says the Banes and Bancros have both been declared state of emergency.

In B.T., the province is still struggling with a backlog in road repairs and a backlog on transportation services.

The province is now preparing for a potential shutdown of B.E.T. Highway in the southern part of the province.

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