Governor of Florida Rick Scott, a former Republican National Committee chairman, is reportedly weighing a presidential bid.

According to a report from Politico, Scott is weighing a bid as soon as this week.

Scott, 71, is known for his conservative stances on gun rights and environmental policies.

His running mate, Republican Congressman Bill Nelson, also backed Scott’s candidacy, saying that the GOP should “move beyond the partisan rancor” in the race and concentrate on “the people who are going to be our next president.”

Nelson is the son of former President George W. Bush and is the longest serving Republican in Congress.

Scott’s term is scheduled to expire in 2020.

The former governor of Florida is known as a conservative Republican who opposes President Donald Trump and is known to hold a hardline stance on social issues.

According the Politico report, the governor is weighing running for the White House and believes his policies and positions would be “a better fit” for the country.

Scott has also expressed a desire to help rebuild the U.S. economy after the devastating Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Florida in 2017.

Scott previously announced his candidacy for president in July, but it has since been widely reported that he has not decided whether or not to run.

The president is currently weighing his options for a possible 2020 run.

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