Israel’s new president has agreed to allow parliament a limited degree of influence over its legislative body, according to a leaked document leaked to The Associated Press.

The draft law, which would extend a previous law governing the legislature’s role in Israel, will allow lawmakers to amend the country’s constitution to limit the power of the president.

It comes amid a new wave of protests in Israel and elsewhere over the government’s handling of the crisis in Gaza.

The legislation is the first to allow the parliament to take action after the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order on the legislation last month.

But it is unlikely to pass because the court said the new law would violate a 2005 Supreme Court ruling that declared Israel’s government’s role to be limited to “limited and appropriate governmental purposes.”

Israel’s new parliament would be the most powerful since the country adopted a system of legislative power known as the kibbutzim in the 1950s.

The new law, if approved by parliament, would require that its members submit a report detailing their views and vote in favor of the changes they propose.

The document also calls on the president to take executive action on the bill and to dissolve parliament if the law is not approved.

The president’s office said the law would not be a constitutional change, but an effort to give lawmakers more power.

It said the parliament’s role would be limited and that the president could appoint the head of the committee that would draft the legislation.

“There will be no change to the constitution,” a spokesman said.

“The president will remain responsible for the law.”

“The government’s goal is to keep the government functioning as it is and will not change the government,” the spokesman said, declining to provide details about the cabinet’s role.

Israel has been dealing with a wave of unrest and violence in Gaza since Israel launched a massive military offensive in response to rocket attacks by Hamas, which it labels a terrorist organization.

Hamas has denied the charges and says it is fighting for the destruction of Israel.

Many Israelis see the law as a step in the right direction.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog, a former foreign minister, called it a “great step to bring accountability and accountability for the Israeli government’s illegal policies.”

A previous version of the bill allowed the parliament, but the new version was watered down, and the new president said it would allow it to act only in the case of “unusual situations” and in consultation with parliament.

It also gives parliament the power to dissolve the Knesset if it finds that it has failed to carry out its functions.

That would remove a key element of Israel’s parliamentary system, which requires a two-thirds majority to be able to dissolve.

As the law stands, the new parliament could also dissolve if parliament decides to reject the bill, but Herzog said the president would have no power to stop it.

In a speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, Herzog urged Israel to stop firing rockets at Gaza and to hold a referendum on the new legislation.

He said the international community was “concerned about the continuation of the Israeli military offensive and the continued siege of Gaza, which continues to damage the Palestinian people’s livelihoods and health.”

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