We’re talking about the state government here, and it’s one of the few where the federal government does not directly control the workforce.

That’s because, in theory, federal employees are entitled to a percentage of the salaries of state employees, but the federal salary cap doesn’t apply to state employees.

This is because the federal law doesn’t cover any state employee who works for the federal agency, such as a public safety officer or a police officer.

The federal law does, however, cover certain state employees that are also federal employees, such the sheriffs of Maine.

And when a state agency receives federal funding, the money is generally split between the two agencies.

In Maine, that means that if a state employee is paid more than the federal cap, they get a percentage, based on how much the state paid them in federal salary, the Maine Department of Labor said.

In some cases, the state department can give back some of that amount to the federal department that employs them, the department said.

And, in the case of the state sheriffs, the federal employees get paid the same amount, but with a different cap.

State employees in Maine get paid at least $19,000 a year, based off their base salary and benefits, and about $12,000 if they have an additional job, according to the Maine State Police.

They also get paid on a monthly basis based on their job duties.

However, it’s unclear how much they receive in federal funding.

The state department said that it doesn’t know how much of the federal pay they receive, nor how much it is split.

“State employees are not entitled to any federal benefits,” the department told CBC News in an email.

“However, it is our policy that we are provided an opportunity to discuss this issue with the federal officials that are responsible for paying these salaries.”

A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the federal agencies that employ Maine’s sheriffs and state employees said that federal agencies are prohibited from paying federal employees directly, but that the agency does “provide a reasonable opportunity to work through this with our federal counterpart.”

“We are committed to providing fair and equitable compensation to all federal employees who are eligible to receive these federal benefits, including Maine State Sheriffs and other federal employees in our jurisdiction,” the DHS said in a statement.

“This includes the Maine Sheriffs.”

The Maine Department is seeking feedback from federal officials on the issue, including from the U,S.

Attorney for the Western District of Maine, who said he would be interested in the department’s findings.

“We’re looking to see what their thoughts are on this, and whether there is an agreement between the states and the federal governments on how to go about it,” he said.

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