Royal Prince William is set to become Britain’s youngest king.

The Duke of Edinburgh will step down after a seven-year reign.

It will be the first time in British history a king will hold the office for more than half his lifetime.

William’s mother Princess Diana is set for a second reign, with her sister Princess Charlotte.

He is expected to rule for a third.

Here are some facts about the Duke of York and his royal cousins.

Duke of Albany Duke of Albemarle Duke of Buckingham Duke of Lancaster Duke of Cornwall Duke of Gloucester Duke of Kent Duke of Norfolk Duke of Southampton Duke of Wessex Duke of Somerset Duke of Wrexham Duke of Warwickshire Duke of Warwick Duke of Windsor Duke of Wellington Duke of Yarmouth Duke of Wiltshire Duke’s mother Prince William will be replaced as the world leader of the United Kingdom after his father Prince Charles’s death at the age of 93 in 2021.

Prince Charles died on August 6 at the Royal Windsor Hospital in Windsor, England.

Prince William was born in February 1953 in a village in Berkshire, England, and is the son of Princess Margaret of Wesminster, Princess Anne of York, and Prince Charles.

He has been a Prince of Wales since January 2017.

He was crowned Duke of Westminster on July 3, 2021, after Prince Charles had died.

The younger prince will be Britain’s 14th king and the youngest monarch since King George V in 1950.

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Sussex are expected to succeed him as the monarchs.

Duke William has become a global celebrity after becoming the first king to address a joint session of Congress.

He also became the youngest person to have the title “champion of democracy” when he became the first Briton to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for helping to end the civil war in Syria.

He will remain the world king, but his reign will be limited to a period of two years.

His next scheduled act of state will be on October 25, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning British monarch.

She was born Princess Anne in 1926 in Bury St Edmunds, England and was christened Princess Elizabeth on July 19, 1939.

She will be 69 when she becomes Queen.

Queen Margaret was the last of the line of British monarchs to be crowned.

She is the oldest surviving member of the House of Lords.

The last surviving member is Lady Margaret Beaufort, who died on March 18, 2016, aged 89.

Her husband, Prince Philip, is the second eldest of the royal family, but will be 88 when he takes over the throne.

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