The rules of football have changed a lot since the game was first invented.

From a strict code of conduct to a set of rules that govern everything from player behaviour to dressing, there’s plenty to learn.

The key to keeping your team on the right track?

Keep your eyes on the ball, says former Italy international and head of sport at FIFA Gianni Infantino.

“We have to make the rules as simple as possible,” Infantio says.

“Players have to respect each other and the referee and the rules.

It’s important to make them simple.”

Infantini also says players need to make it clear to their manager they will not wear their jerseys on the pitch.

“You need to ask your team-mates if they would like to wear their jersey on the field,” Infantsi says.

But while there are some rules, Infantiano also recommends players take a little extra time to learn the rules of the game.

“Always try to be more formal with the rules and don’t play by them,” Infanto says.

Infantico also says the players should be careful not to disrespect the officials, especially if they are in a bad mood.

“The referees are responsible for the rules,” he says.

For the players and their managers, Infantsino’s advice is not a challenge but an instruction.

“Be careful with your words.

If you are talking about things you want to discuss, then say so,” Infante says.

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