The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona on Thursday rejected a lawsuit by Arizona sheriff’s deputies seeking a federal court order to remove a federal judge who has blocked the deputies’ use of excessive force.


S and Arizona Sheriffs Association filed the lawsuit in January on behalf of three men who say they were shot by deputies during a traffic stop in Phoenix in March 2016.

The lawsuit accuses Arizona sheriff deputies of violating their constitutional rights to free speech, free exercise of religion and equal protection under the law when they used a Taser on them, according to the Associated Press.

“The defendants did not have probable cause to arrest and search the defendants,” Judge Thomas D’Angelo wrote in his ruling.

D’Angelo did not comment on the status of the lawsuit.

The case has not been entered in the U.N. refugee tribunal.

The sheriff’s office has defended its use of the Taser.

In a statement Thursday, spokeswoman Kim McDaniel said, “Our officers are trained to use a TASER to de-escalate an encounter with an armed suspect.”

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