In an interview with Next Big Finance, Maryland’s state budget director, Catherine DeCarlo, said she would like to see a federal government loan for the state.

DeCarlo was one of six members of the House Appropriations Committee that will discuss the budget with the White House on Friday.

She said that she is “a big supporter of getting a federal grant that would help with the cost of our roads and bridges.”

DeCarlos said that there are a number of programs that she wants to see added to the state budget, including a grant for roads and a grant to help the state fund its schools.

The Maryland Department of Transportation, for example, needs $1.5 million in grants to upgrade its aging light rail systems.

The department also needs $900,000 to build a new $25 million bridge over the Chesapeake Bay, and $600,000 for a new bridge over Interstate 95.

DeCalo said that funding for Maryland’s roads is not a priority, and that Maryland does not have a dedicated transportation fund.

She said that Maryland needs to have a plan in place to help repair and improve roads in the coming years.

The state’s roads are aging, she said.

Maryland does a lot of work to make sure that roads are maintained.

I think the current plan is just not enough, and we need to invest in roads.

“Maryland’s roads have been in serious disrepair for years.

The state has had more than $20 billion in total repairs and improvements to its roads and infrastructure, according to the Department of Public Works.

DeCosto said that the state needs to spend more money on the roads and to fund new infrastructure.

She also said that spending money on roads would be a good investment because it could help the states economy grow.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Democrat, is expected to sign a $1 trillion spending plan that would make the state the most populous state in the nation.

The plan would also expand Medicaid and invest in transportation infrastructure and education.

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