The government has announced that it is suspending a two-week holiday to allow time for the resignation of two ministers, who resigned earlier this month after the deaths of four people in overdoses in Baltimore County.

The decision was announced Thursday by President Mark R. Walker.

The move comes just days after the resignation, by the former chairman of the county’s Board of Health, of the governor’s chief medical officer, Dr. Richard N. Brown, and of the state’s top medical examiner.

Walker and the county are facing a national epidemic of opioid overdose deaths, with more than 40,000 of the overdoses in the county over the last year.

It has taken nearly four years for the number of overdose deaths in the state to reach the levels of the past two decades.

The governors resignation comes on the heels of the resignation by a former Democratic governor of the Maryland counties capital, Baltimore, who announced that she was stepping down as well.

The county is now the second most populous county in the country, and is home to the state capital and some of its most heavily populated neighborhoods.

The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, announced earlier this week that she would retire after a 40-year career in public service.

She resigned last month, citing the state budget crisis and the challenges of running the county.

She said the county would be better served by having the president of the board of health serve as the chair of the executive committee.

The resignation came just days before a new governor was sworn in in Maryland.

In Maryland, it was announced in March that Gov.

Larry Hogan has called for an emergency board to handle emergency situations that require immediate medical assistance, including overdoses.

The new board will be chaired by the governor.

The governor has appointed retired Lt.


Michael C. Hogan, a Republican, to the job, but the governor is not expected to appoint anyone from his administration.

A number of Republican state lawmakers have voiced support for the governor to appoint a special emergency board.

In the meantime, Gov.

Jay Inslee has made it clear he will not seek a new term.

He is expected to announce a new general election in 2018.

The Maryland General Assembly has been in session since January, but that session is scheduled to end next week.

The state has had two opioid overdose cases in the last month.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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