By Caroline WyattThe Government’s budget for 2018-19 has been revised upwards by almost £7bn from the previous year.

But it will be less than £6bn more than the previous budget, which was published on December 17.

A total of £5.2bn has been made available to departments across the government for hiring staff, including £1.4bn for the Ministry of Defence and £1bn for Ministry of Energy and Climate Change.

These changes will result in a deficit of £8bn, according to the Treasury.

There were no new spending cuts in the Budget for 2018, as there were in previous years, and £4.5bn of savings were made to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) budget.

The Department for Education will see a £4bn increase in its funding over the next five years, while £1 billion of the savings were for funding the BIS budget.BIS has been criticised for spending a large chunk of its budget on a controversial programme, which allows it to take money from overseas to fund UK schools and colleges.

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