Government ministers have unveiled their new cabinet as the prime minister attempts to bolster the government’s Brexit process by making major changes.

The changes to the Brexit secretary include the appointment of David Mundell as the new Brexit minister, while the reshuffle of the Brexit select committee is set to be made to a permanent leader.

The reshuffle also comes as a major reshuffle is taking place in the Commons, with the Brexit committee to be reduced to four members and a special committee to have just two.

A full list of the cabinet changes has yet to be published.

The minister in charge of Brexit affairs, Liam Fox, is set for a second reshuffle.

He was replaced by Andrew Mitchell on Monday, a move that is set in motion by the cabinet reshuffle on Monday.

He has been appointed as the special committee chair.

Mr Mitchell is also set to become the first minister to be named as Brexit secretary.

Theresa May will announce her cabinet changes on Wednesday at 10am GMT.

The cabinet reshuffles are expected to be one of the most dramatic in recent years, with some MPs fearing it could trigger a fresh election, while others are optimistic it will help to boost the government.

However, it is unclear whether the reshuffling will actually have any immediate impact on the Brexit process.

There is also speculation that some of the changes could trigger another vote on the government-initiated Article 50 process.

The government has said that it is prepared to leave the EU, but that the timetable for the UK’s departure is still to be set.

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